Under the High Patronage of H. E. Mr. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, I am honored to invite you to the Symposium on the Equatorial Guinea’s Economic Diversification. The event is organized by The Ministry of Finance and Budget in cooperation with the World Bank, and will take place at Sipopo Convention Center in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, throughout the month of November 2013.


The discovery of abundant oil and gas reserves in the 1990s has put Equatorial Guinea at the top of the ranking of African countries in terms of GDP per capita. The country has been utilizing oil and gas revenues to finance major state-of-the-art infrastructure projects throughout the country. Presently wishing to diversify its economy beyond the oil and gas sector, and believing in the private sector as the main engine of growth and employment creation, the Government of Equatorial Guinea would like to invite international investors to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities offered by its economic diversification and industrialization plan.


The Symposium will present the government’s vision for this upcoming phase and showcase the various projects for investment in sectors such as agriculture, livestock, fishing, petrochemicals, mining, tourism and financial services. This event will convene representatives of business and investment groups from the national, regional and international scene. This is the best opportunity for international investors to learn about Equatorial Guinea’s potential and discuss directly with government officials.




Marcelino OWONO EDU

Ministry of Finance and Budget